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If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions about our work, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Jesper Theil

jt@erhvervaarhus.dk31 53 60 60
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • PR and press 
  • Political communication/Public affairs
  • Communication

Nadja Lee Bjørn
  • Responsible for IC-event planning, coordination, and execution
  • Communication 
  • Matching service 

Maria Madsen
  • Event planning 
  • Graphic designer 

International Community

info@internationalcommunity.dk8612 7200

International Community

c/o Erhverv Aarhus

Søndergade 4

8000 Aarhus C

Contact the International talent-attraction team

The team focuses on international talent attraction in the EU. Projects: Headstart, Talent to a green Denmark, and Lighthouse Water Tech.

Amélie Drouet

ad@erhvervaarhus.dk61 92 73 30
  • Responsible for place branding activities and ambassador networks
  • Seconded by Aarhus Kommune 2022-2025

Yara Henriques
  • Coordinator for the international Welcome Buddy program
  • Seconded by Aarhus Kommune 2022-2025
  • Currently on maternity leave

Helle Bastrup Jørgensen
  • Responsible for business-oriented programs focused on attraction and retention of international employees
  • Project Manager for the EU projects: Headstart, Talent to a green Denmark, and Lighthouse Water Tech
  • Seconded by Aarhus Kommune 2022-2025

Stine Gjevnøe
  • Marketing
  • Social media and digital campaigns
  • On maternity leave

Maya Moras
  • Headstart Career

Contact Erhverv Aarhus

Here you will find contact information for all employees in Erhverv Aarhus

Poul Dalsgaard

pd@erhvervaarhus.dk40 30 00 20

Lars Møller Andersen

lma@erhvervaarhus.dk30 14 99 60
  • Extern collaborator with Business Park Skejby, Braband Business Cooperations, and East Jutland freight forwarder
  • Political communication/Public Affairs
  • Focus area of Business & Sustainable Development Goals

Line Loft Pedersen

llp@erhvervaarhus.dk30 14 99 62
  • Member data
  • Events
  • Administration
  • Calender management

Benjamin Andersen
  • Responsible for the employment project GATE
  • Political communication/Public affairs

Kristine Holst Rasmussen
  • Business and culture collaborator 
  • Events
  • Networking
  • Development cooperations

Jette Boel Brøchner

  • Administration
  • Finance

Pippi Skygge
  • Communication and event planning at Erhverv Aarhus