Taking the first step towards joining a club takes courage, and pushing yourself to show up for the first time can be intimidating. 

What should you expect? How is the culture? What are the unwritten rules? Reading a list about it is one thing, but to experience it in real life is entirely different. Whatever it is, that's keeping you from going on your next Danish adventure, feel assured that you are not alone. We've gathered the stories of other internationals who have joined clubs and associations, so that you may find comfort in their experiences! 

Hi there,

We are Maria José and Santiago, a couple that came to Denmark from Colombia in 2021. We have been together for 9 years, of which 2 of them we have been married. At the beginning of 2021 Santiago got a Ph.D. position at Aarhus University, so we decided to move to Denmark.

We can say that we have done well in terms of adapting to the Danish culture, something that we really enjoy and let us feel very comfortable while living abroad.

From our experience here, we can guarantee that the best way to be part of Danish society is by becoming a member of a club or an activity that many people share in common. We had a very active lifestyle in terms of clubs back in Colombia, so joining a club felt natural for us.

Since our arrival, one of the most useful advice we got from a Colombian friend was to join a club, so we could share more with Danes. We indeed joined some clubs not very far away from the day we arrived in Denmark. Clubs for sports, dance, music, and culture, namely, Aarhus Judo Klub, Aarhus Kin-ball Forening, Aarhus Taekwondo Klub, La Luna Latina, MusikSak, and International with Us (in cooperation with Aarhus University and Studenterhus Aarhus).


Maria and Santiago.

Do you want to share your experience with clubs- and associations in Denmark? 

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