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In Denmark, it is the responsibility of the central government, your employer, and yourself that you have pension when you retire. There are various types of pension schemes which include:
  • the state pension scheme, which is regulated by law and is part of the social security system in Denmark
  • other statutory pension schemes (the Danish labor market supplementary pension and the special pension savings)
  • collective pension schemes agreed between the various players in the labor market as a part of a collective agreement in a specific field
  • company pension schemes that are agreed upon individually between the employer and employee
  • private pension savings schemes that individuals set up with their bank or a pension fund independently of their employer
Once you have been a resident in Denmark for a number of years, you gain the right to state pension; in addition, many people are also covered by a company pension or a collective pension scheme as part of their employment contract. Furthermore, many people also choose to set up a private pension scheme.
For further information about pension in Denmark you can visit Life in Denmark and the Work In Denmark website.

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