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News in English

In Denmark there are a number of options for those seeking Danish news in English:
  • The Local Denmark - Denmark's news in English: 
  • CPH Online Post (former Copenhagen Post):
  • News from Jutland in English:
  • is Denmark’s official international website. On this website you will find news articles in English, as well as articles, images, and facts about Danish business, politics, culture, history, the media, etc. also has services in German, Spanish and French.
  •  is a magazine for expats living in Denmark. Published 4 times a year, the magazine has articles about history, leisure, travelling, tips from expats, and much more.
  • The International is a magazine-type publication targeted at Denmark’s expat community. 
  • is a monthly newspaper written for an international audience in Denmark. It is a source of insightful, alternative journalism about Danish issues as well as international trends and developments that affect Denmark.

Online weather forecasts in English

Danes have a reputation for talking a lot about the weather. Numerous online forecast sites are available in English.

News in Danish

  • delivers news stories in Danish that are easy to read and a good way of learning Danish.

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