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Here's your overview of international networks and communities in Jutland. As new networks arise regularly, please send us a tip if you learn of new ones:


International Community is here to support you and your family during your stay in and around the Aarhus area. You can also find us on Facebook and Meetup.
You can also check out Spouse Community Aarhus, which is a network by spouses for spouses (established in International Community). You can find Spouse Community Aarhus here or on Facebook.

Apart from our community you can find several other networks in Aarhus.
  • Aarhus Internationals on Facebook, where you can ask questions, share interesting events, sell and buy things, find new friends, etc
  • Aarhus Internationals (English Speaking). This is a group for internationals looking to meet new friends in Aarhus
  • International Mothers, where you as an international mother can exchange interesting information and motherhood experiences
  • Latinos en Aarhus is a Facebook page for spanish-speaking internationals. You can ask questions, share events, sell and buy things and find new friends. 
  • University International Club - a club for the Aarhus University international community that meets weekly for networking, learning, or just having fun
For those who are not residing in Aarhus, there might be other communities closer to you.

Here is an overview of the expat communities around Jutland:

Northern Denmark – Aalborg, Hjørring and Frederikshavn

In Aalborg, International House North Denmark is the point of entry to the region of North Denmark for international residents, companies with international employees, and companies that are interested in broadening their overseas markets. Via their “one stop shop” concept they provide companies and international residents with help in three main service areas: Job search, entrepreneurship, and culture & leisure.

More information about International House North Denmark can be found here. Besides that there is a Facebook page.

In Hjørring, you can meet with other internationals and get help during your stay in Denmark from Hjørring Internationals. The network is facilitated by 'Service for International Newcomers', Hjørring Municipality, and they meet once or twice a month.

Moreover, if you are situated in Frederikshavn, you can get help and support with practical information, job searching, housing, school, healthcare, leisure, and social activities. Contact Frederikshavn Internationals here


If you are residing in Esbjerg, Southern Jutland, you can check out EnergyMetropolis, which can provide you with information about events for internationals and other offers and events in the area. In case you need help as a newcomer to Esbjerg Municipality you are more than welcome to reach out to the Newcomer service at

New in Esbjerg/EnergyMetropolis is also on Facebook.

Besides that there are two different Facebook pages for internationals in Esbjerg -  Esbjerg International and Esbjerg International Community

Herning, Ikast & Brande

Are you placed around Herning, Ikast or Brande - the organization Expat in Herning & Ikast-Brande provides variety of opportunities for internationals and newcomers in these areas. Moreover, Expat in Herning & Ikast-Brande coordinates initiatives for internationals in Herning and Ikast-Brande, and provides support for new and existing initiatives.

Furthermore JCI Herning is a non-profit organization of young active citizens in ages 18 to 40, who are dedicated to creating positive change in their communities. JCI members develop and improve their skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and take action. 

Additionally, you can join International Society which organizes activities for international workers, students, their accompanying family members, internationally minded Danes, companies, and everyone who is open-minded to belong to a social network.


In Holstebro, expats can refer to Holstebro International. It is a group designed for both internationals and culturally curious Danes, helping to bridge the social and job networking gaps while aiding integration into both Danish Society and the local community through a variety of social, educational, and informational events.

The Triangle Region: Billund, Fredericia, Haderslev, Kolding, Middelfart, Vejen, Vejle

The area around these seven municipalities is known in Denmark as the Triangle Region or Trekantsomraadet in Danish. The Triangle region provides English-language events and inspiration for life and work in the area. They also have a Facebook page which you can find here

There is a Facebook group for International Moms in the Triangle Region. Their goal is to form a support system for international mothers in this area, to get together, share experiences, swap advice, and plan fun activities with the little ones.

Apart from that, in Vejle you can find the Vejle Internationals on meetup, who provide the framework for meeting interesting people from all around Vejle and the rest of the world.  

In Vejle you will also find Vejle Expat Network (VEN). “A place for all internationals in Vejle, Denmark! We all share the same story!”

Spouse House Vejle is the meeting place for international spouses in the Vejle area who want a place to be themselves, forge new networks, make career contacts, and develop support circles.

Additionally, there is a newcomer service, which offers services to Danish and international citizens who are interested in moving to Vejle or are already living within the Vejle municipality.

Besides that there is a Facebook group for internationals in Billund, where you can exchange information and events, and share questions.

In Kolding you can join the Expat Association of Kolding – just visit


In Struer there is Struer International Living, which is a reception unit for foreign employees and students in the Municipality of Struer. The organization aims to develop the profile of the municipality of Struer as an open municipality that welcomes everyone regardless of nationality. You can find there Facebook page here.


International Network Horsens is a volunteer organisation that collaborates with local organisations in supporting internationals and internationally-minded Danes to share their cultures and interests, to make new friends and to enhance their personal and professional lives. You can also find their Facebook Page here.


Odder Kommune provides a web page with all relevant information about the municipality and settling down. You can collect a welcome package in English at the Citizen Service.
Read more here 


In Hedensted Kommune’s web page, you can find information about arriving, settling, working and leaving Denmark. They also have a welcome guide which might be useful. 


Randers Kommune has a web page for internationals where you can find all necessary information about arrival, accommodations, work, childcare and social life.

You can also connect with other internationals through the Facebook group, English Speaking community in Randers. Have a look at their Facebook page here


In Silkeborg there is a Facebook group, Internationals in Silkeborg, whose purpose is to expand the professional and social networks of internationals living in Silkeborg municipality. You can find Internationals in Silkeborg here.


Viborg Kommune offers a great deal of information in english about the city, finding a job, child care, starting a busines, spare time activities and much more. Read more here.

Furthermore, there is a Facebook group that aims at international citizens in the greater Viborg area. Network with Viborg international Community here.


LF International is for companies that have international employees and for people with an international background who are working or looking for work on Lolland-Falster: LF International

If we are missing any, tip us by sending an email here:

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