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We have gathered a list of must-have apps to make your life easier in Denmark and the Aarhus Region. 

If we missed any other app you can't live without, please write to us:

With Denmark being the most digitalized country in Europe, both authorities and companies are digital. Check out the categorized list below of must-have apps that will make daily life a lot easier. 

Most of the apps are in Danish.


Healthcare Apps



The 'sundhedskortet' app makes sure you always have your health insurance card at hand. With the app, you can document your right to receive public health services in Denmark in the same way as you can with the physical health card today. In the app, you can automatically view your children's health cards until the children are 15 years old. Your information is automatically updated in the app if, for example,
you change address, doctor or get a new last name.


Billedresultat for min læge appMin Læge 

With the app you can contact your GP, keep track of your appointments, e-consult your GP, have video consultation, find referrals and check your and your childrens vaccinations. You can also find and call the emergency doctor in your location.


Billedresultat for akuthjælp appAkuthjælp 

When in an emergency you don’t want to spend time on finding the information of your closest ER and the emergency doctor. Find all the info in the app. 

The national akuthjælp app gives you an overview of all the emergency rooms in Denmark. You can call directly to the emergency doctor (lægevagten) and find your local pharmacy. You can also find the emergency dentist, chiropractor and psychiatric ER.  


Billedresultat for min sundhedappMin Sundhed is the official portal for the public Danish Healthcare Services and enables citizens and healthcare professionals to find information and communicate. The portal facilitates patient-centered digital services that provide access to and information about the Danish healthcare services. 

Your and your childrens’ COVID-19 PCR-test results are communicated via Turn on notifications so you know when your PCR-results are available. 


Billedresultat for find behandler appFind Behandler 

The find behandler app gives you an overview of all the specialists and dentists in Denmark. The app only provides you with a simple overview, without specifying waiting time for treatment or any other specific information. You can find the exact same overview on 

The app also provides prices for treatments at the dentist’s. Giving you the opportunity to find out the price range of a specific treatment. 


Billedresultat for auh find vej appAUH Find Vej

Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) in Skejby is nothern Europe’s largest covering no less than an area of 1.2 million square meters. No wonder one can get lost here. 

Use the app to find the entrance you are looking for, a parking spot closeby or when walking around inside the hospital. This way you won’t get lost. 


Billedresultat for smittestop appSmittestop 

The smittestop app is the official Danish COVID-19 contact tracing app. With the app you can notify others if you test positive for COVID-19. You will also receive an alert if you have been in close contact with another app-user who has been tested positive. 



The medicinkortet app gives you an overview of your and your childrens’ prescribed medication and gives you the opportunity to renew the prescription online without having to contact your GP. An overview of past medication can be found on 


Billedresultat for hjertestarterappHjertestarter 

The hjertestarter app is developped by Trygfonden and shows you the locations of the nearest AED. The app also guides you with resuscitation in case you are confronted with a person giong into cardiac arrest. 


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