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Friendship Associations

Friendship associations, or friendship societies, are communities that seek to strengthen the friendship and cultural relations between one country and another. The ones featured on this page aim to improve the friendship between Denmark and other countries. The associations typically arrange social meetings, events, lectures, etc. for their members.They are a good starting point for you to meet other people from your home country or Danes with an interest in your home country.

Friendship associations are non-political and generally non-profit. To raise funds, they will usually charge a membership fee. 


Alliance Française Århus (French Association Århus)

French Association Århus has been in existence since 1910. It works to increase awareness of France and the French speaking countries as well as disseminate French language and culture. This is done through lectures and other events that are frequently visited by Danish and French speaking artists and cultural personas. 

Dansk Palæstinensisk Venskabsforening (Danish Palestinian Friendship Association)

The Danish Palestinian Friendship Association purports to increase the understanding of the Palestinian people’s historic and cultural fate. The association runs an information and project company and supports Palestinian projects and organizations. 

Dansk-Israelsk Forening (Danish-Israeli Association)

The Danish-Israeli Association (DIF) in Aarhus is an international friendship association with the purpose of disseminating knowledge about Jewish culture and Israel. The purpose is furthermore to support the cultural and human connections as well as counteract anti-Semite and anti-Israeli trends in the Danish society.
DIF arranges meetings and lectures, expositions, wine tastings, concerts with Jewish music, and film showings with films about Israel.

Dansk-Japansk Venskabsforening (Danish-Japanese Friendship Association)

The Danish-Japanese Friendship Association was founded in 1980 with the purpose of developing friendship and understanding between the Japanese and the Danes as well as expanding the knowledge of Japanese conditions. Anyone interested in this purpose can become a member.
The association arranges different activities approximately once a month. These include lectures, film showings, a summer party, and more.
The association has, since the beginning of the 80s, been a central meeting point for Japanese people living in Denmark, Japanese students, and Danes with an interest for Japan. 

Dansk-Russisk Forening (Danish-Russian Association)

The Danish-Russian Association is an association for cultural, humanitarian, and international cooperation with Russia. 

Dansk-Somalisk Venskabsforening (Danish-Somalian Friendship Association)

The Danish-Somalian Friendship Association arranges activities such as billiards, soccer, dancing, language courses, IT support, Nem-ID support, and counseling. 

Dansk - Kinesisk Forening (The Danish Chinese Association) 

The Danish Chinese association is independent from political, ideological and economic interests. Its purpose is to function as a rallying ground to all with an interest in China and to spread awareness about the country. 

The association publishes a magazine and arranges meetings, lectures and other events which focus on the Chinese history, society and culture. The purpose of these events is to broaden and expand the understanding of the various cultural aspects of China.      

Ghana Venskab (Ghana Friends)

The Ghana Friendship Groups have since 1979 worked for equality and development of the poor Northern Ghana.
The groups help the villages, women and young people organize and fight for their democratic and social rights. There is special focus on the development of agriculture and on the right to education because food and education are the foundation of all other development.
The groups’ work is driven by ambitious volunteers and a close cooperation with Ghanaian partner organizations. 

Danish-Bulgarian Cultural Society

The Danish-Bulgarian cultural Society is a non-profit organization with the mission of disseminating information about the Bulgarian culture in Denmark and about Danish-Bulgarian connections in general.
The association creates relations between Bulgarians and Danes by organizing cultural events in Aarhus.
The association has been in existence in Aarhus since 1975 and has around 120 members. The members are Bulgarians living in Aarhus and Danes with an interest for Bulgaria and Bulgarian culture. 

Società Dante Alighieri

Società Dante Alíghieri is an Italian-Danish friendship association that was founded in 1951 in Aarhus. With close relations to Aarhus University, the association resides at the university.  
The association arranges 10-15 events throughout the year, which cover many different parts of Italian culture. The events include concerts, movies, lectures, excursions, and travels. Most lectures are in Danish, a few in Italian, but all of them have to do with Italy or Italian culture.

Ungarsk-Dansk Venskabsforening (Hungarian-Danish Friendship Association)

The Hungarian-Danish Friendship Association organizes and engages in Hungarian-Danish connections. Its purpose is to arrange Hungarian culture meetings, parties, and expositions to engage in and represent Hungarian culture in Denmark.
Everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender, and nationality. 

Venskabsforeningen Danmark-Burkina Faso (The Friendship Association Denmark-Burkina Faso)

The Friendship Association Denmark-Burkina Faso was established in 1987. It keeps members updated on conditions in Burkina Faso. The Board as well as the members participate in relevant activities and debates and counsel about Burkinabe conditions. 

Venskabsforeningen for Ældre Danskere og Indvandrere (The Friendship Association for Elderly Danes and Immigrants)

The Friendship Association for Elderly Danes and Immigrants was founded in 1997 and has members from more than 10 countries.
The association is for pensioners, early retirement pensioners, and voluntarily retired people receiving a special pension.
Danish is the common language, and a condition for becoming a member is thus being able to speak and understand a little Danish.
The association offers teaching in Danish, English, and watercolor painting, literature group, chi gong, communal lunch once a month, and excursions. 

Did we miss any? If you know of other friendship associations in Eastern Jutland, please contact us at

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