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What are Danish clubs and associations all about?
In Denmark participating in the activities of local clubs and associations is an old tradition reaching back to the 18th Century. A club or association is a co-operation based on the voluntary participation of people who share an interest, hobby or sport. These may vary from book clubs over tennis associations to political parties. Depending on the members participating, each association has a distinct set of norms and values that defines the nature of the community. Becoming a member of a local club or association is a great way to meet with Danes from your local area and expand your network outside your workplace while at the same time pursuing your interests. 

Danes spend much of their leisure time taking part in activities organized by various types of associations. In Denmark joining an association is not only a good way to get some exercise, but it is also a cultural activity that brings people together. For internationals, joining an association is often a good way of meeting Danes and ease the settling process.
► You can find a list of associations in the area here and sports clubs here.
Read more about different leisure time activities, testimonials, helpful tips and watch a video below.

Hobby Clubs

If you have a hobby then you can join a club that is connected with it. There is a bunch of hobby clubs in Denmark. These include roll playing, games, photography, model train, horse riding, motorcycle and patchwork. You can find a list of hobby clubs in the area here.

Scout Organizations

There are a number of different scout organizations in Denmark. They offer a variety of activities that are a great way to meet new people and get involved in the community. You can find a list of the scout organizations in the area here.


Sports Clubs

Many Danish children and adults engage in organised sports activities and it is an official political objective in Denmark that sports should be for everyone. You can find a list of all the sports clubs in the area here with contact information for each club. Cricket might be a niche sport, but it is nevertheless possible to practice it in Aarhus, as the following video demonstrates.

In difference to many other countries, must sport club and associations in Denmark are run by volunteers. This helps to keep the participation fee low, so that everybody has the means to participate. So if you love a certain activity and want to do volunteer work, then you can easily combine the two in Denmark. 


Outdoor activities

Aarhus has many green areas, where you can spend time with your family or friends and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. Find a list and map of green areas here. Or have a look at VisitAarhus' list of list of green oases here and forests near Aarhus here.

You can find a list with play grounds in Aarhus here.

If you're looking for a relaxing place to spend a day in the summer, a warm, sunny beach could be the perfect place. There are several places for sunbathing in Aarhus. The beaches are located near forests and the city and are easily accessible. Find a list with beaches here.


Fitness centres

In most Danish cities, you will find different fitness centres, where you can work out on your own or participate in classes. Some centres will also look after your child while you work out. For information about the fitness centres, their activities, services and prices visit their websites or contact the centre you are interested in joining.



Volunteering is part of the Danish culture and therefore doing volunteer work may just turn out to be one of the best decisions you can make while living abroad! You can choose to volunteer while living in Denmark because you can:
  • get engaged in a meaningful service experience and enhance your experience
  • expand your social and professional network
  • meet the Danes and get to know their culture
  • give something back to the community
There are a bunch of organisations that give the opportunity for English speaking people to volunteer. These include Red Cross, Amnesty International, Danish Guide and Scount Assosiasion etc. You can find a list of associations, their contacts and websites here.

If you want to combine wolunteery work with a sports activity, then look at the tekst Sports Clubs.



There are many niche activities and organizations in Aarhus and the surrounding areas. The area offers everything from skydiving, knitting, hunting to political organizations, so it should be possible to find something, which suits your interests. See a list of hobby clubs here.

If you can not find a club or association that fits your interest then write to International Community at and we will do our best to find you one. 


10 reasons to join a club

Why should you join a clud or association? Becoming a member of a local club or association is a great way to meet with Danes from your local area and expand your network...

Fun facts and helpful tips

A Danish club or association is often  a co-operation based on the voluntary participation of people who share an interest, hobby or sport.


”Join a club. Take up a hobby and you will end up making friends. You all share the same fate in learning something new through making mistakes and celebrating successes”

Clubs and Associations

Here you will find a list of Clubs and Associations in the Aarhus area, which website contain information in English.

Friendship Associations

Here you will find a detailed list of friendship associations in Eastern Jutland.

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