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Online resources for learning Danish 

Here is a list of webpages and apps for learning Danish online. 


Babbel is the world’s first language learning app and a leader in the online language learning industry. The courses guarantee you language skills that you can use right away.

Babbel offers courses tailored to your native language, building on grammar and vocabulary you already know. Audio examples and dialogues are recorded with real native speakers, not automated computers, empowering you to speak correctly and confidently. Babbel trains your brain to learn constantly and efficiently, so you absorb more information while in the app, and continue learning outside of it.

Danish by Nemo

Nemo is designed to get you speaking the most useful words in Danish immediately and confidently.
Nemo targets the words and phrases most often used in conversation. For beginners, they have prepared “If You Only Learn 10 Things”, “If You Only Learn 50 Things”, and “If You Only Learn 100 Things” lists for a fast introduction to the essentials. There are also ressources for intermediate and advanced language learners. 


Duolingo is an online learning tool, with both a webpage and an app, which attempts to give you a private tutor experience through technology.
Duolingo is a fun, free, and game-like initiative that gives everybody a chance to learn a foreign language. 


Meet2Talk is a unique concept, where you can meet speakers of other languages and swap your language with them. This can help you improve your fluency and comprehension of another language. 

Meet2Talk provides a platform where language learners can meet and arrange 1:1 meetings. The service is free, however you may wish to pay a small fee to become a confirmed member. 


Memrise is an online community that is reinventing the way people learn. They want to make learning as easy and fun as it can be, using the best technology and science around. They want to take learning out of the classroom and turn it into play. 


Mondly is an app that lets you explore language exercises for reading, listening, writing, and speaking, enhanced with a dictionary, verb conjugator, and state-of-the-art speech recognition technology. 

Online Dansk

On the Online Dansk webpage, you can find videos, audio, and exercises for all levels. 


The Pimsleur MethodTM combines well-established research, most-useful vocabulary and a completely intuitive process to get you speaking right from the first day.
All Pimsleur® courses feature real-world context and flexible vocabulary enabling you to learn your new language in a fluid, natural way.


Speakdanish is approachable and authentic, based on modern language-learning principles. It teaches contemporary Danish in a style that is familiar with the needs of a new generation of learners. No more drilling of tedious grammar rules; Speakdanish will get you speaking basic Danish within weeks and will serve as a reference for many years to come.

Swap Language

Swap Language is a platform where you can find a tandem partner to meet and exchange languages with and thereby improve your foreign language (Danish, English, etc.).
The purpose is that you can meet locals from all over the world, with different mother tongues, in your own city. 


Udemy offers a course spread over 7 weeks to provide structure and allow you time to absorb the topic of each lecture. Every week consists of 3 video lectures and supplementary materials that reinforce the concepts you have learned.
You can work at your own pace and do the course faster or slower than the 7 weeks.

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