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Learning Danish

When you move to Denmark, learning Danish can be an important part of the process of settling in.

Why learn Danish?

Surveys have shown that learning Danish benefits you both professionally and socially in Denmark. Learning Danish will give you an insight into Danish cultural and social norms. This is important for successful communication and networking, whether on a personal level or a business level. Speaking Danish is thus a key competence valued by many Danish companies.

Adequate Danish language skills - including a certified exam - are also essential if you wish to get a permanent residence permit or eventually Danish citizenship.

Who is entitled to free Danish language courses?

According to the Danish Educational Act, foreigners are entitled to free Danish language courses during the first three years of their stay in Denmark.
You must also:
  • be over 18.
  • have a valid residence permit or certificate of registration in Denmark.
  • have a Danish CPR number.
If you live in another EU country but work in Denmark, you also have the right to free Danish tuition.

If you do not meet these requirements, you may still enroll by paying a fee of approximately DKK 70 per lesson.

Where can I attend free Danish language courses?

For contact information about a free Danish language provider near you, contact your local Citizens Service office.

You can attend language courses in your home municipality or in the municipality where you are employed. If you wish to attend free language courses in another municipality than the one you work or live in, you have to apply for permission from the municipality in which your address is registered.

At you can also find a map, where the locations of the various language course providers are highlighted in red. By clicking on the school location you are interested in, you will be directed to that school’s website.

Free Danish language courses in Aarhus

In Aarhus - and a few other cities around Denmark - free language courses (FVU Danish) are offered by CLAVIS

New Rules in Aarhus
From January 1, 2018, new rules have been implemented regarding free Danish education for internationals. Danish education is now organized through a series of vouchers. 
Read more here.

Tips from International Community

It pays off to give Danish language acquisition a high priority during your first few months in Denmark. All experience shows that the sooner you start attending Danish lessons, the faster and the better you will learn the language.

Examples of good ways to learn Danish:
  • watch television – preferably with Danish subtitles.
  • say hello to your neighbours when you meet them.
  • take a free newspaper when it is offered to you.
  • watch your favorite movies with Danish subtitles

Learn Danish Online

Here is an overview of online ressources for learning Danish. On the list, you will find webpages and apps that might help you improve your Danish. 

Hot Dog Lingo

Ordering a hot dog in Denmark does not have to be straightforward or boring!  

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