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Lots of money, work/life balance or the opportunity of skills development?

One thing is defining job goal areas from your skills base and looking at what you can do and what you are good at. Another essential factor when defining job goals is to think of the things in your life that you consider important, and how you can take these into consideration when identifying your job goal areas. In relation to work, values are what give purpose to a job in the eyes of the individual who does it.

The effort, commitment, and motivation that a person brings to a job is usually in direct proportion to the values that they perceive in it. Another term sometimes used for values is motivational factors. These factors can be a good salary, work/life balance, being creative, possibility of promotion, high level of responsibility, feeling appreciated, team working, managing others, and much more.

Do not underestimate the importance your values have on your job satisfaction!

Exercise 3:  Uncover your values

Exercise 4: Exploring motivational factors

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