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Get to know your skills

During the course of your career and education so far, you have gained experience with a wide variety of tasks and have developed a large number of skills.

Some of these skills are directly linked to your professional profile such as concrete knowledge of a specific field, concrete techniques, programming languages, and methods. Others are more generic skills that you have developed and strengthened, whilst you were busy doing other things. Often people oversee these skills because they may not be directly linked to their core tasks in a given job.
These skills can include communication, customer contact, time management, budget planning, analysis, collaboration, project management, networking, and much more.

Employers value these skills, and job descriptions are packed with them. So to recognize and acknowledge this skill set in yourself is an important step towards finding the right job goals:

Exercise 1: The skills analysis work sheet

CLICK here.

Fill out the work sheet and summarize your answers. By doing this, you will be able to identify both your strengths and your developmental areas. Your strengths will often be tasks that you enjoy doing, so use these as an indication of the content your next job should have.

Exercise 2: Skills analysis exercise

A. List the various job tasks you have had throughout the past 5 years (e.g.teaching, customer contact, administrative work, organizing events, day care,  accountancy, business development, etc.)

B. Take one of the items and list everything it took to get that done (e.g. teaching: preparing lesson plans, deliver lectures, grading of essays, exams, providing assistiance to pupils/students).

C. Link this to skills: Preparing lesson plans; time management skills; planning skills; organizational skills, etc.

By now, you should have gained an overview of your skills as well as an idea of areas in need of development. Maybe these areas of development do not matter, because you do not want to pursue a job in that direction anyway. But if they do matter, it will be useful to make a plan for how you can achieve what you are missing. If Danish at a certain level is an area that needs development, make a plan for how you can achieve it!

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