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What am I good at and what is important to me?

Understanding yourself and being self-aware ensure that you can make the career decision that is right for you.

Strangely enough though, many people skip this part and jump right into reading job ads and applying for jobs. However, if you do not have an understanding of your skills, your preferences, your values, your motivational factors, your strengths, and your weaknesses, you will not be able to make an informed decision. As a consequence, you might end up applying for the wrong jobs within a too narrow area or end up in a job you do not enjoy.

Being in a new context and country will most likely influence your understanding of yourself and your career possibilities, and there will be limitations and constraints that you have not encountered before. You need to recognize these and then adjust your job search accordingly. So do not skip these self-awareness exercises:
Fig.1: Self-awareness as described in the DOTS-model (Fig.2.1, Law & Watts 1977)

These 4 main categories: Skills, Values, Personality and Knowledge/Interests are what you should uncover in order to understand yourself and uncover what makes you tick. 

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