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Job satisfaction and success are closely linked to having a genuine interest in what you do

Your interest in and knowledge of a certain area (trading, business analysis, teaching, research, communication, etc.) is what has most likely led you into your current career path. However, maybe you do not want to work specifically with what you have knowledge about, but is more interested in using that knowledge in a different way.

You might be more interested in the management of the project than in the project itself, and these considerations can help to reveal where your career interests really lie. In addition, the things you do outside of work – your spare time activities – can offer clues to what type of job is right for you.

Interests such as sport, photography, music, travelling or volunteering can say something about your preferences, and what you find interesting such as leadership, creativity, autonomy, management, or team work.

Exercise 5:  Your knowledge areas and interests

Think about and take notes on:

  • When looking at the jobs you have had– including when you were younger – are there any common denominators (working with children, being in charge, being outdoors, working in teams, communication)?
  • What have you received praise or recognition for in the past?
  • Do you enjoy activities that relate to people, things, or data?
  • What do you find most fulfilling and enjoyable?
  • What do you know something about?

Go through your notes and highlight the common denominators. This way you will see a pattern. Add then your knowledge areas and see how these can be combined in order to find the right job goal area.

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