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Job seeking

By now, you will have explored your skills, your values, your knowledge/ interests, and your personality. You will have gained ideas as to how you can use networking to get feedback on your skills and to discover relevant information about the Danish job market and the “hidden” job openings. In other words, you now have the foundation for a successful job search in Denmark.

The next step is to use the knowledge you have gained about yourself and the Danish job market to be more practical and write up a CV and a cover letter that reflect this.

This is where we stop  – but below you will get relevant links to pages where you can find information and support for writing your application material in the “Danish style”.

Good luck and “god arbejdslyst”. 

CV and Cover Letter Writing

Make sure to give your CV and cover letter a check before you start sending them out, and use your network, Work in Denmark, or others to get feedback.

For the CV, it is important that you mention you skills and competences and not just your title and workplace. Use bullets to highlight those of your skills/competences that match the requirements in the job ad, or that you want to emphasize for an unsolicited application.

In Denmark, 75% of employers value personal information in the CV, so make sure you have a “personal interest section” where you share what you do when you don’t work!

For the cover letter, it is important to focus on what you have to offer the workplace and not how great it will be for your career if they hire you. Show them – don’t tell them – how your skills match the job and how your skills are useful in their context. And remember – don’t write what you cannot do, focus only on what you can offer them.

See the links for more information and CV samples:

About the author

Vibeke Broe is PhD career consultant at Aarhus University. Vibeke has worked with career counselling for 8 years in relation to both PhD Students, unemployed academics and international spouses. Vibeke offers individual career counselling as well as doing seminars and workshops on competency mapping, CV and cover letter writing and much more.

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