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Identify your job goal areas

The more you target your goal, the more likely you are to succeed.

Maybe moving to Denmark was part of your career plan but most likely it was not. Career patterns are unpredictable – life is unpredictable, but even so, it is still possible to manage your career as a continuous process where you reflect on your experiences, and on how these can be used in different contexts as well as in different countries.

Reading these pages and working with the exercises is not going to give you the job, and it is not a complete “how to find a job in Denmark” guide. Rather, it will give you input to the steps that lie before the more practical part of job hunting – and help you target your job search to a much greater extent and hopefully help you dig up and apply for the right jobs in the right areas. The more you target your goal, the more likely you are to succeed.
Why focus on job goal areas?
We focus on job goal areas rather than job goals, because you need to think broader than what you might have been used to. We encourage you not to think in specific titles or concrete companies because it will limit your search too much and make it difficult for your network to help you. Think instead in sectors and job content, and use skills exploration, and networking to identify the job goals areas that are right for you based on your background, interests, and values.

From our experience in working with career counselling of international spouses, we know that identifying realistic job goal areas is the key to your success in finding the right job. What was a realistic job goal area/ job goal for you in your home country might not be the same in a Danish context because of language barriers, a different job market, or because of personal circumstances. Consequently, you may have to rethink and readjust both your career and your expectations, and this means identifying new job goal areas. 

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