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Creating new network in Denmark

Sometimes it can also be relevant to create a new network in Denmark – here the main advice is that you should approach the Danes where they are; either at their workplace or in their spare time at sports, clubs, voluntary organizations, and so on.

Don’t expect to get invited into the home of Danes you don’t know very well. Even though it seems like Danes are very open, often it is not the case!
You can enter formal networks such as networking groups, voluntary organizations, clubs, sports, and so on.

You can also participate in networking activities such as conferences, seminars, social events, and so on.

Making yourself visible through social medias

You can also use the social media such as facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others to create new network.

Follow these three steps:
1. Create a professional profile that clearly defines all you professional skills
2. Build your network by both inviting people end accepting invitations
3. Be active by both liking, commenting, and sharing others updates plus by creating your own updates with relevant information, links, ideas, questions, and so on.

It is important that you are visible both in your network and in your network's network and for the recruiters who use the social media to spot talents/new employees.

You can find
 a lot of practical advice on how to network in the various networking channels here:


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