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Holiday Pay

When you work in Denmark for a Danish employer, you automatically earn the right to get holiday money. Holiday money is earned between January 1 and December 31, but not made available until May 1 the following year. That means that if you start working on 1 January 2014, you cannot take any paid vacation until 1 May 2015.
You may receive your holiday money either from FerieKonto or from your employer if your employer is covered by an independent holiday card scheme.

Holiday pay from FerieKonto

If FerieKonto manages your holiday pay, you will automatically receive a letter in the beginning of March. The letter will inform you about:

• How much holiday money you have
• How many days of holiday you have
• Which employers have paid your holiday money

You can find further information and how to claim your holiday money here.

Independent card scheme

If your employer is covered by an independent holiday card scheme, you have to directly ask them for further information.

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