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Are you and your family living in or close to Aarhus? We have gathered a list of family friendly activities in the area.

If we missed any other family orientated activities, groups, communities etc, please write to us:

The city of Aarhus and the surrounding area have lots of green areas, where you can enjoy nature and/or relax whilst your children are playing. See an overview of the green breathing spaces in Aarhus here.

Otherwise, chech out the list below of family friendly activities in Aarhus.


International Playgroup 

International Playgroup is an initiative by the UIC (University International Club) and DOKK1. The event takes place every Friday at 10:00-13:00 at Dokk1 (the area for children between 0-3 years). International Playgroup is a community that always welcomes new members - both Danes and internationals. You can also follow the community on their Facebook page.

International Mothers in Aarhus 

International Mothers in Aarhus is an opportunity for moms to meet other moms. This Facebook group has the intention to be a fun and interactive space where international moms can exchange interesting information and experiences and meet each other in “real life”.



Another interesting place, highly suitable for families. Situated in Brabrand, the place has a huge playgroup and long working hours. 


Open House at The Health Care (Sundhedsplejen)

English speaking mothers are welcome for consultations at The Health Care on Mondays in uneven weeks. Regarding nutrituion for kids between 4-6 months all mothers who do not speak Danish are offered a visit by their own health visitor.


Playroom for fathers

Fathers with children between 0 and 3 years are welcome to join 'Fars Legestue' (Fathers Playroom) every Thursday at 12:00 at DOKK1. Read more.

Væksthusene (The Greenhouses)

The greenhouses are a new and exciting attraction in the heart of Aarhus for both children and adults. Here you can go for a walk in the world’s climate zones and experience fascinating plants and exciting stories.


The Globe Playground at DOKK1

DOKK1 has a spectacular playground on the first floor, which is built on the large outdoor deck that surrounds DOKK1 seven meter above the ground. Whether you are a child or adult, the Globe is the place where you can be together, play, drink coffee, relax and meet others. 


Børnenes Jord (Children’s Earth)

It is a playground with many leisure time offers for all kids and youngsters from 10-17 years old. The playground has different animals such as goats, rabbits, chickens and birds. When you visit the playground, you can play with the animals. The playground is large and there is play equipment and various plans, which means that you will have a super fun and active day. 

Panna Street Soccer

Play one-on-one football at a round, closed pitch at Mølleparken. Gather you friends and make a small tournament in the round pitch, where tricks and technique are in focus. Mølleparken also offers free basketball courts and table tennis.

Skaterbane (Skater Course)

Træbowlen at Godsbanen in Aarhus is a well-built skate bowl for both beginners and more experienced skaters. The bowl and the surroundings are worth more than one visit if you live in Aarhus.




Big performances are spiced with fantasy, colors, and good stories. Now, Filuren will also present youth performances and a theater school for children.



Badeanstalten Spanien (Bathing Facilities/Park Spain)

This Is a water park for the whole family with swimming pool and the Grossererbad – wellness in Aarhusian style.


Musikskolen LAURA (LAURA Music School)

LAURA has a rhythmic class for 0-5-year-olds, fun class for 6-9-year-olds, preparatory school class, choirs, theory and ear training, ensemble class, music and theater class, and much more. You can also get children and parents training, where the parent is taught with the child. 


Kvindemuseet (Women’s museum)

Girls and boys histories (exhibition)
About children – for both children and adults. The exhibition is based on a number of specific children’s lives and focuses on themes such as family, school, children work and play as well as differences between girls and boys.


The Steno Museum

At the Steno Museum for the History of Science and Medicine, both children and adults can go on a trail of discovery in the natural sciences and can explore the cultural history of medicine.

Free admission for children under the age of 18. 



ARoS is the Art Museum of Aarhus and one of Europe’s largest art museums situated in the heart of the city. ARoS is a house of art where the guests can be pleased, enlightened, and challenged.


Den Gamle By (The Old Town Museum)

In the Old Town, children can become shoemakers for a day, bake buns as in 1864, and visit a 19th century classroom. During school holidays, children can have a go at working with seasonal subjects. Boiling of sweets from a famous recipe is always on the program.

Free admission for children under the age of 18. 

MOMU Moesgaard Museum

Moesgaard Museum has the archaeological responsibility for the local area around Aarhus. At the museum you can find out more about our ancestors and the development of the humans. Apart from that the museum always have some attractive event aim both at adults and children. 


Aarhus Street Food

Looking for a place where it's okay to be a bit noisy while eating? Aarhus Street Food offers gastronomy, sustainability, community, an indoor playground, and lots of space.


Tivoli Friheden 

It is an amusement part with lots of roller coasters and activities for both children and adults. The park is situated in the Marselisborg forest, in a walking distance from the city centre. Here you will find 4 slides, 19 other rides, stalls, games, playgrounds, and much more.

Spring Center Aarhus​

The spring center consists of a motor hall, skip hall, mirror hall, kitchen, and club room. It is possible to rent rooms for example to have children's birthday party. (The website is in Danish)


Dyrehaven - the deer park

The park has an impressive population of sika and fallow deer and wild boar in a separate paddock. You are welcome to visit the park during the opening hours and bring some apples or carrots to feed the deer. 


Forests near Aarhus 

There are pleanty of green places around Aarhus, which provide many possibilities for enjoying nature while taking a walk, hiking, running, building hideouts, or cycling. You can also enjoy a good picnic in the beautiful surroundings with family or friends. Follow the link here to find a list of the forests around Aarhus.


Music Saturday at Aarhus School of Music (Link in Danish)

Music Saturday is a recurring event for families with kids that would like to sing, play instruments and have fun together. It is a time for being present and together with your child. The music and the fellowship is the focus of a safe and playful frame at Aarhus Music School

Aarhus Skate Scene 

Aarhus Skate Scene is loctated in the park at Læssøesgades Skole. Everyone can have a try at the new facility, which is 1,900 sq. metres big! It will continue to be the school yard during the day, but turns into a skate park after school hours and until 22:00, when the lights are switched off. All free of charge.



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