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Children and Education

In Denmark, there is a tradition of lifelong learning and taking part in education through all phases of life. Consequently, education is highly prioritized, which is reflected in its high quality. 
The Ministry of Higher Education and Science gives you a general overview of the Danish education system here

On the Ministry's webpage and on Study in Denmark's webpage, you can find additional information about the Danish education system from primary education to adult education and continuing training.

On the website you will find information about what Aarhus offers regarding childcare, international education and the Danish School system as a whole.

You can also read about public schools(Folkeskolen) and reception classes here.

International education in Aarhus

Below you can find links to international education in Aarhus:

International education in Viborg

International education in Grenaa

The Danish Efterskole

The Danish Efterskole is a unique offer to students between 14 and 18. It is a residential school with with focus on academic and personal development. Often the schools specialize in something, e.g. sports, theatre, etc. and students form long-lasting friendships. The Danish efterskole is not mandatory.

You can read more here

The Danish Education System

The Danish Education system is complex, so here is an article to give you an overview of the different possibilities and offers. 

Homework Cafés in the Aarhus Area

You can get free help with your homework in the so-called homework and study cafés (lektiecaféer) in several places in Aarhus. Here you can find a list. 

Practical Matters

There are many unwritten rules you need to be aware of. Here's an overview of some of the main practicalities of school life.

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