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Books and Libraries

Many large bookshops have an English section, and non-fiction literature that has only been published in English is often available at Danish libraries and bookshops.

Danish Libraries – more than just books

All Danish municipalities have public libraries, where you can borrow books, CDs, etc, and use the Internet free of charge. However, in Denmark libraries are not merely places where you can borrow books, they are also a meeting place where social networks and a wide range of different events take place.

Most library events are free of charge and open to everyone. You will often find information about the libraries in your area on the municipality´s website.

Borrowing items in Danish libraries

Most libraries in Denmark will require you to sign up as a user before you can make use of their services. To sign up you will need some form of photo-ID and your Health Insurance Card as proof that you have a CPR number. Read more about the CPR number under CPR number.

Library opening hours

Most libraries are open from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays, and from 10:00 to 13:00 or 14:00 on Saturdays. Check with your local library for precise opening hours. Most municipalities will have the libraries’ opening hours posted on their websites, alternatively you can check out this link:

Online search and requests is a free internet book search service, where you can find everything ever published in Denmark. You can also see which books are in stock at which libraries and request items to be sent to the library at which you have signed up.

Finding curriculum books

The Danish website gives you an overview of the prices and delivery time of curriculum books. On the site, you can search for used books, and compare prices (the site is in Danish only).

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