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Adult Education

Denmark has a long tradition of improving the competences of the workforce beyond compulsory stages of education. There is a number of opportunities for adults wishing to receive education and refresh their competences. General adult education is offered at adult education centers (in Danish "voksenuddannelsescenter" or, in short, "VUC") and a few other institutions. There are 29 VUCs in Denmark with a large number of regional satellite departments spread geographically throughout the country.
Other kinds of general adult education are also offered at the VUCs:
  • education for people with reading and writing disabilities (dyslexia)
  • preparatory education for adults (FVU)
  • higher preparatory examination courses (HF)
  • supplementary examination courses at upper secondary level (GS).
The student can combine subjects from AVU with subjects from the other education programs.

Read more about The General Adult Education Program (in Danish).
For further information please refer to the Danish Adult Education Association.

Adult vocational training

The adult vocational training programs (in Danish “arbejdsmarkedsuddannelser” or “AMU”) serve a triple purpose:
  • to contribute to maintaining and improving the vocational skills and competences of the participants in accordance with the needs of the labor market and to furthering competence development of the participants
  • to contribute to solving labor market restructuring and adaptation problems in accordance with the needs of the labor market in a short term and a long term perspective
  • to give adults the possibility of upgrading competences for the labor market as well as personal competences through possibilities to obtain formal competence in vocational education and training
For further information about the structure, content and duration of the training programs, please refer to Ministry of Children and Education.

Higher Education

In Denmark, higher education is focused on bringing about solutions for the real world. The Danish educational system is designed to promote creativity, innovation, analytical, and critical thinking. Danish qualifications are recognized throughout the world and provide an excellent foundation for your future career. Furthermore, global partnerships between higher education institutions, businesses, science parks, and public research institutes ensure that studies and research in Denmark reflect the latest knowledge and meet the needs of the global labor market.

Danish universities offer Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD programs in all academic areas. The list includes traditional and technical universities, as well as institutions with a particular research and educational emphasis such as business and IT.

As an international student in Denmark, you can choose between more than 500 degree programs and 1,000 courses taught entirely in English. Please refer to the List of Higher Education Institutions in Denmark for more information. 

In addition, Danish university colleges offer Professional Bachelor's programs in areas such as teacher training, engineering, business, nursing, health, nutrition, and social work.

The Danish Education System

The Danish Education system is complex, so here is an article to give you an overview of the different possibilities and offers. 

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