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Living & Working

When living and working in Denmark there are plenty of possibilities for making your stay successful.
Find inspiration for networking, information about education, how to start your own business and much more below.

Adult Education

There are a number of opportunities for adults wishing to receive education and refresh their competences.

Books & Libraries

All Danish municipalities have public libraries, where you can borrow books and more. However, libraries are also a meeting place for many social networks.

Change of Address

Find out how to change your address online.

Children & Education

Find information about daycare, public and international schools and education in Denmark.

Danish Food

Rugbrød, rundstykker and rødgrød med fløde. Danish food is not only difficult for foreigners to pronounce, but might also taste unusual.


Denmark ranks as the country with the world's strongest entrepreneurial climate in terms of citizens' opportunity to realize new ideas.

Family Activities in Aarhus

Need inspiration for family activities?

Holiday Pay

When you work in Denmark for a Danish employer you automatically earn the right to get holiday money.

How to Get a Career in Denmark

These pages aim to give international spouses advice and exercises on what to consider when starting a career in Denmark focusing on skills and networking. 

Job & Career

To get you started, we have gathered some useful info about the job search process.

Learning Danish

Learning Danish will give you an insight into Danish cultural and social norms. Find out here how to sign up for Danish classes.


Joining an association is not only a good way to get some exercise, but it is also a way to get a network.

Meet the Danes

Danes might seem reserved at first, but once you get to know them, you will usually find that they are outspoken and fun-loving people.

Must-have Apps in Denmark

Heres we have gathered a list of much-have apps in Denmark.


Read how to expand your social and professional network and find the international networks in your area through our overview.

News in English

There are a number of options for those seeking English-speaking radio and television channels, as well as print publications.


In Denmark, it is the responsibility of the government, your employer and yourself that you have pension when you retire. There are various types of pension schemes.

Permanent Residence

Here you will find information concerning the rules for being granted a permanent residence permit in Denmark.

Postal Services

Find out how the Danish postal service system works.


In Aarhus there are shopping opportunities for everyone!
Step guide

Step-by-step Guide - Dual Citizenship

Read more about the possibility to get dual citizenship in Denmark.


When you reside in Denmark, you are also liable to taxation. Here you can find useful information about Danish tax system.

Unemployment Funds & Unions

If you are a resident of an EU/EFTA country, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits.


Volunteering is part of the Danish culture and therefore doing volunteer work may just turn out to be one of the best decisions you can make while living abroad!

Green areas

​The city of Aarhus and the surrounding area have lots of green areas, where you can enjoy nature and relax whilst your children are playing.

Hidden gems

Coming soon!

Danish Traditions

Curious about Danish traditions?

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