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Leaving Denmark

In this step-by-step guide you will find information about everything from holiday pay and pension to deregistration of vehicle and taxes.

Source for most of the subjects:, and Business Region Aarhus.

See Life in Denmark's guide for leaving Denmark here and Workindenmark's guide here.

We hope you enjoyed your stay in Denmark!


Ask for an exit interview

If you have been working in Denmark then consider asking you employer for an "exit interview" (if it is not already planned). Both you and the company can learn a lot from talking about your stay.

Deregister your address from the national register

If you move from Denmark to your home country or to another country, you must report the relocation to the Civil Registration System. This can be done by filling in a leaving form and submitting it to your municipality of residence. You must also hand over your health insurance card. Read more.


Post Danmark – have your post forwarded

If your move to another country Post Nord can forward all the mail sent to your old address to your new address for up to six months. Read more.


​Social security

When you relocate to another country, you lose your social security in Denmark. Remember to check which social rights you will obtain in the country you are moving to.

Termination of lease

You most likely paid a deposit if you rented an apartment or a house. Please remember that you will be reimbursed the deposit minus any possible expenses spent on the flat when you move. Take a close look at the contract in order to make sure that you leave the house or apartment accordingly.

Doctor and dentist records

Remember to obtain your family medical and dentist records - if any - before leaving.

​Deregister children from nursery, kindergarten and school

Remember to notify your children’s school, kindergarten or other care arrangement that you are going to leave. The term of notice is generally one month but varies from place to place.

You can also deregister from municipal childcare services via Most of the online self-services are in Danish, however, you can get help to fill in forms and online applications at your local citizen service center.

Bank and insurance

If you have an account in a Danish bank, you should notify the bank of your relocation. Ask if it possible to keep your account open for approximately one year in case you receive reimbursements (tax, deregistration fee etc.)

Moreover, contact your insurance company to terminate your insurances. Remember to ask about your coverage in connection to moving.

How to take pension with you

You can have your pension paid out abroad. Please contact your pension company, your pension fund or your financial institution in order to learn more about your pensions.

Please notice that you can not have your ATP Livslang Pension paid out if you leave Denmark. Read what to do at ATP Livslang Pension.


Notify SKAT (Danish Customs and Tax Administration)

Before you leave you have to complete form no. 04.029. SKAT will then determine if you are liable to pay tax in Denmark. Please notify SKAT of your new address so they can send documents related to your tax.

Download: Form no. 04.029 EN


Holiday pay

When you are no longer registered or working for a Danish employer, you can have your holiday money paid out.

FerieKonto will automatically pay out your holiday money if you have a NemKonto (easy account) or if you have registered a Danish bank account number with FerieKonto.

You can also choose to have your holiday money transferred to a foreign account - then you need to write a letter to Feriekonto. Read more about which information to include here.

Contact FerieKonto
Read more about FerieKonto


​Deregistration of vehicle

Before leaving Denmark, you must deregister your vehicle in the Danish Register of Motor Vehicles. If you have paid registration tax, you can apply for a refund.

Upon your departure, you have to hand over your license plates to SKAT, and you must notify one of the four Central Motor Registry Offices (“Motorcentre”) in Denmark. Your notice must include a copy of the vehicle’s original registration certificate (Part I and Part II) and registration form 21.044.

Please note that the authorities may demand a vehicle inspection of the car.

For further guidance on car deregistration and registration duty refund, please read here.

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