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Travel Guarantee 

The rules that govern travel time guarantees differ from one service provider to another. You must contact the service provider to find out which rules apply in case of delay.
A refund of your extra travel expenses often requires that certain conditions are fulfilled, and sometimes you will only get a partial refund of your expenses. A maximum refund of expense amount also applies.

Tips to refund

  • The scheduled date, place and time of departure.

  • The planned transport route number.

  • Your scheduled destination and time of arrival.

  • Your actual time of arrival.

  • What went wrong - why were you delayed?

  • What extra expenses did you incur and how did you reach your final destination, e.g. if you took a taxi, where did your take the taxi from and to, and what did you pay?

Remember to keep all your tickets and receipts!

Further information: DSB’s Basic Travelling Time Guarantee

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