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In Denmark you will find Regional trains (Re), InterCity trains (IC) and InterCityLyn trains (ICL – ‘lyn’ indicates ‘fast train’).

Services connect local stations to main junctions throughout Denmark. IC and ICL trains connect major stations on the islands of Zealand (Sjælland), Funen (Fyn) and in Jutland (Jylland). The difference between IC and ICL trips is that ICL are express trains which make fewer stops. Ticket prices are the same whether you travel by IC or ICL train.

Copenhagen also has suburban, so-called S-trains.

Here you can find a rail map of Denmark.

Categories and disabled travellers

IC and ICL trains have first and second class accommodation. A second class ticket includes the trip itself, while you with a first class ticket have some drinks and snacks at your disposal during the trip.

On most trains you will find specific areas designated for wheelchairs. Seats can be reserved for wheelchairs on all IC and ICL trains.

Railway Companies in Denmark

There are different railway companies that operate different parts of the railway network in Denmark. The largest railway operator is the railway company DSB (Danske Statsbaner).

Family and quiet zones

On many IC and ICL trains, you will find family zones (familiezone) and quiet zones (stillezone). If you sit in a quiet zone, you are expected to respect the other travellers’ desire for peace and quiet. You are required to switch off the sound on all your electronic devices, standing is not permitted in quiet zones, and conversation must be kept to a minimum. Animals are not allowed in quiet zones.

Family zones are primarily intended for passengers travelling with children. If you wish to sit in a family zone, it is a good idea to reserve seats.

Prams and bikes

Most trains have areas that are designated for prams. Note that on IC and ICL trains you are required to reserve space for your pram in advance and that such reservation cannot be made online.
You can take your bike on most trains. The areas designated for bikes are usually marked, either by an illustration of a bike or beside the door. If you take a bike, you must buy a supplementary ticket for it. Note that there is only space for a limited number of bikes on each train and that it is up to the conductor to decide whether or not there is space for your bike. During the summer the railway companies often require you to reserve a space for your bike. You can neither reserve nor buy bike tickets online.

Taking the train in Denmark

In Denmark you must buy a ticket before you travel. Tickets are checked by a conductor on the train, and if you don’t have a valid ticket, you will be fined.
When you buy tickets, you can buy either one-way tickets or return tickets. On IC or ICL trains, you can choose between second or first class tickets.

You are not required to reserve a seat for your train journey, but it is the only way you are guaranteed not to be left standing. If you wish to reserve a seat you must specify this when you buy your ticket. Seat reservations cost approximately DKK 30. Note that even though you are not required to reserve a seat for your journey, it is recommended that you do so for journeys during peak periods.

Unless you ask for a ticket for a specific departure, the ticket you buy is likely to be valid for two hours. This means that you can use the ticket on any train that leaves for your destination within two hours of buying your ticket. Remember that if you make a seat reservation, it is only valid for the specified departure. The time validity of your ticket is stated on your ticket.

Tickets and Zones

Cities and regions are usually divided into travel zones. Your fare depends on the number of zones you travel through. However the minimum fare is often the price of two travel zones. You will find zone maps on the station. In most cities, you can use your ticket as long as it is valid on most public transport, both train and bus services within the number of zones you have paid for.

You can also buy an Orange billet (Orange ticket) discount ticket for many national and regional train departures. Note that special rules apply to these tickets.
If you are between 16-26 years of age or are on SU, a Danish government education grant, you are entitled to a DSB Wildcard. A DSB wildcard gives you discounts on many train tickets. Read more about DSB Wildcard below.

Travel cards and discount cards

A travel card entitles you to travel as many times you'd like within the number of zones for which you have bought your travel card, for as long as the card is valid.

Discount cards are valid for 10 journeys within a specified number of zones. You pay less per journey using a discount card than with a single ticket. The discount cards can only be bought digitally with the DSB app for iOS and Android.

Where can you buy train tickets?

There are ticket machines on most stations, most of which accept both cash and credit/debit cards. You will find them either in the station’s main hall or on the platform. At serviced stations, you can also buy tickets at the service office or in the station kiosk.

If the station you depart from is not manned and the ticket machine is out of order, contact the conductor as soon as you get on the train. If you do not do so, you risk being fined when the conductor asks to see your ticket. If the telephone number to the operation company is listed on the machine, it is also a good idea to call the operation company and inform them that the machine is out of order.

Note that DSB Orange tickets can only be bought online on DSB´s Online ticket shop.


On most standard tickets, one adult can take two children under the age of twelve with them free of charge. However, children under age 12 travelling alone must pay a children’s fare. Children under 16 can buy children’s tickets and discount cards.

About DSB orange tickets

A DSB orange is a discount ticket. The price of a DSB Orange ticket varies and they are not available for all train departures. The number of tickets available for a given departure varies, so your chance of getting an orange ticket is greater, the sooner you book.
Orange tickets are only valid for the specified departure day and time and are not valid on bus or Metro services. Orange tickets can be bought two months prior to departure. They are non-refundable and cannot be changed after the purchase has been made.

Booking a DSB Orange ticket

DSB orange tickets can only be bought online at DSB´s Online ticket shop. You have to print the Orange ticket yourself and a seat reservation is required. The seat reservation is included in the price and will be stated on your ticket when you print it. Adults travelling with an Orange ticket can take two children under the age of 12 with them free of charge, but you must remember to reserve seats for the children when you book the ticket. Children from age 12 to 15 years pay half price.

DSB Youth Card

If you are between 16-26 years of age or get SU, a Danish government education grant, you are entitled to a DSB Youth card. A DSB Youth card costs DKK 125 for a DSB app card or DKK 150 for a plastic card per year, and it gives you discounts on many train tickets.
With a DSB wildcard you get:

  • 50% discount on train tickets Monday-Thursday and on Saturdays.
  • 25% discount on train tickets on Fridays and Sundays

Ticket inspection

Conductors check tickets on most trains. If you do not have a valid ticket you will be fined DKK 750 (2014).

Train routes and timetables

If you are looking for travel routes, departure and arrival times, visit the online journey planner

Contacts and further information

DSB Customer Centre: +45 70 13 14 15, for other contact information about DSB, go to DSB’s website

Rejsekort (travel card)

Rejsekort is an electronic ticketing system for travelling by bus, train, and metro. Rejsekort unites the different transport operators, travel zones, ticketing systems and discount schemes into a common system, which makes it easier for passengers to use public transport services in Denmark. Read more about it here. 

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