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Taxi services are available in all Danish cities and most Danish towns.

About taxis in Denmark

Small towns may only have one or two local taxi companies, but in most cities you will find that many taxis belong to large companies. All taxis in Denmark are licensed by the authorities. They are equipped with meters, and fares are regulated. Danish taxis are easily recognized by the green and yellow illuminated light on their roof or in the windshield. The light indicates whether or not the taxi is free. If it is available for service, the light will be on. If the light is off, the taxi is occupied.

How to get a taxi

You can get a taxi by hailing one on the street or by requesting one by phone. There are taxi stands at all major transport nodes in Denmark, and you can always ask hotels and restaurants to call a taxi for you. 
At, you can search for a taxi service in your area by entering 'taxa' in the “Hvad/What” section, and where you are, or the postal code in the “Hvor/Where” section.
In Aarhus you can book a taxi from:
Aarhus Taxa Phone number: (+45) 89 48 48 48.
DanTaxi Aarhus Phone number: (+45) 70 25 25 25.

Taxi fares

Fares are higher in the afternoon, during the evenings and at night, as well as in weekends. Furthermore, if you order a taxi with more seats than an “ordinary” four-seat taxi the fare is likely to be higher. Also, some taxi companies will start on a higher fare if you call for a taxi by phone, instead of hailing one on the street. The taxi fares are non-negotiable.
Note that many companies charge extra for bicycles and prams/large strollers. Many companies also charge extra if the driver carries your luggage to the door.

Service Charge

The fare includes a service charge, so you are not expected to tip. However, many taxi companies charge extra if the driver is asked to carry the luggage to the door.

Black-market taxis

Black-market taxis are illegal. A black-market taxi is basically a person driving a private car, who offers to drive you to your destination for a certain amount of money. The car will not have a taxi light and the person driving the car will not have a licence to offer taxi services.  

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