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Denmark is served by a fine-meshed network of local, regional, national and international bus services. Here you can find an overview of bus types, tickets, and timetables. 

About bus services

You can easily plan your journey by bus, by train or by ferry through the online journey planner: (in Danish only). Through Midttrafik Live you can track buses on a live map and see if your bus is delayed, etc. By pressing 'Find stoppested' you find actual departure times. You need to have your GPS activate to use Midttrafik Live.  Get started at

Regional and local buses in Denmark

Denmark is divided into five administrative regions, which are responsible for local and regional public transport. The regions have assigned the coordination and transport services offers to one or two regional transport service organizations.
The regional transport service organization:

Long distance bus connections

The relatively short distance between the different parts of Denmark and the fine-meshed network of long distance bus services makes travelling by bus a good option. Furthermore, X bus express coach services are driving throughout Jutland. Some of the regional transport companies also offer long distance bus services.

Where and how to buy bus tickets

You can buy tickets on the bus from a ticket machine or the driver. Where and how you buy tickets varies, depending on the operating company and the type of bus you are travelling by, e.g. whether it is a city bus or a regional bus.

Some bus companies accept credit cards on the bus. However, it is always a good idea to have cash if you intend to buy tickets on the bus. On some of the long distance connections you can reserve seats and buy tickets in advance.

You can also buy tickets and discount cards through the Midttrafik app for iOS or Android. 

Tickets and Zones

Many cities and regions in Denmark are divided into travel zones and the fare you pay depends on how many zones you travel through. Generally, you will be charged for a minimum of two zones. You can find zone maps at the bus stations.

In the cities, you can often use your ticket to travel for as long as it is valid on public transport, both train and bus services, within the number of zones you have paid for. When you travel on long distance bus services, you will often pay a set fare between destinations along the route and not according to a zone system.

Travel passes and discount cards in general

If you frequently travel to one destination or within the same number of zones, it may be a good idea to buy a travel card (månedskort/periodekort) or a discount card (klippekort). The discount card can only be bought digitally through the Midttrafik app for iOS or Android

About travel cards (månedskort/periodekort)

A travel card allows you to travel as many times you like within the number of zones for which you have bought your travel card, for as long as the card is valid. Many companies offer travel cards valid from 30 to 365 days. Some offer a reduced-rate period card which is not valid during the rush hour. Note that many of the night bus services have different fares than daytime services, which means that your travel card may not be valid on these buses.

If you want a period travel card you will usually have to go to the company’s ticket office. Have with you some form of photo ID, your health insurance card as proof of your CPR number and a passport-sized photo for your travel pass. Weekend and weekly travel cards are often available at kiosks and at tourist information offices and do not require a photo or proof of identity.

About discount cards (klippekort)

A discount card (klippekort) is valid for 10 journeys within the number of travel zones you have bought. You pay less per journey if you travel with a discount card than you do with a single ticket. Discount cards are only available digitally through the Midttrafik app for iOS or Android.

Tickets’ and discount cards’ validity

When you have punched your discount card or bought a ticket, the card or the ticket is valid for a certain time period. When you punch your discount card, the start time of your journey is stamped onto the card. The time of purchase is also stamped on the ticket you buy from the ticket machine or the bus driver. The time validity of a ticket and discount card varies in accordance to the number of zones for which the discount card/ticket is valid. The exact validity period of a discount card and/or a ticket is specified on the card/ticket.

The Midttrafik app

In May 2016, an app for purchasing tickets and discount cards was launched by Midttrafik. Through the Midttrafik app, you can buy single tickets and discount cards (klippekort) digitally. 

If you want to use the app, all you need is a smartphone. Through the app, passengers can choose whether they want to pay through their phone bill or by using a credit card, Visa, or MasterCard.

The Midttrafik app is available for iOS and Android.

Timetables and journey planner

Most bus companies post bus routes and timetables on their website. Often, you can also find bus timetables at the bus station and on the bus.
On many city bus services, one adult is entitled to travel with two children under the age of 12 for free. However, children under 12 travelling alone pay a children’s fare. Children under 16 can buy children’s tickets and children’s discount cards.

Taking a bus in Aarhus

Local bus services in Aarhus area are coordinated by Midttrafik.
In Aarhus, there are two types of buses – a yellow bus and a blue bus. City buses are yellow.

You cannot buy tickets from the driver on the yellow buses. You buy your tickets in the ticket machine located either at the back or in the center section of the bus. Please note that the ticket machines do not accept credit cards. The bus fare depends on the number of zones you are travelling. Read more about ticket prices and zones in Aarhus and download a zone map of the city at Midttrafik’s website.

The blue buses are regional buses. You enter the blue buses in the front door of the bus, and you can buy a ticket from the driver or at the ticket office at the main bus station in Aarhus (rutebilsstationen).

Bus schedules in Aarhus

You can download the timetable for Aarhus’ city buses and night buses on Midttrafik’s website. On the website you can also find the timetable for the regional buses.
You can also find departure and arrival times to and from destinations in Aarhus at (in Danish only).

Rejsekort (travel card)

Rejsekort is an electronic ticketing system for travelling by bus, train, and metro. Rejsekort unites the different transport operators, travel zones, ticketing systems and discount schemes into a common system, which makes it easier for passengers to use public transport services in Denmark. Read more about it here. 

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