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Here you will find information that will help you to get familiar with the Danish public transport system and its various options, as well as some of the rules and regulations that apply.

Please note that the information presented here is intended as a general introduction and that different transport providers may have different practices.


Learn what you need to know before driving your car in Denmark.


Learn everything about riding a bicycle in Denmark.


Get information about the Danish bus system.


Prefer taking the train? Learn more here.


Everything you need to know about riding a taxi in Denmark.


Find out more about the air traffic in Denmark and around Aarhus here.


You can travel to ands around Denmark by sea. Many of the smaller Danish islands can only be reached by boat or ferry.

Travel guarantee

The rules that govern travel time guarantees differ from one service provider to another. Learn more here.

Letbane - light rail

Getting around in Aarhus is easy with the city buses and also with Denmark’s first light rail, Letbanen.

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