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Step-by-step guide for non EU/EAA citizens

If you are a citizen of a country outside of the Nordic region, the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you must have a residence and work permit before you begin working in Denmark.

When you have a residence and work permit, you can get your CPR number and health insurance card, tax card, and so on. 

Learn more in the step-by-step guide below.


Get a residence and work permit

The first step is to apply for a residence and work permit.

Most often you need to apply for a residence and work permit before you go to Denmark. You can submit your application through a Danish representative office in your home country.

Read more here.


Get a CPR number and a health insurance card

The second step is to get a CPR number and a health insurance card.

Go to Citizens’ Services in the municipality you live or International Citizen Service, and they will issue a CPR number and a health insurance card to you.

  • Your certificate of registration (See Step 1)
  • Some form of photo ID, e.g. your passport
  • Proof of address in Denmark
Citizens’ Services will also request documents verifying your current civil status.
  • If you are married, bring your marriage certificate or a certified copy of it
  • If you have children, bring your child/children’s birth certificate(s)
  • If you are divorced, bring your divorce certificate
  • If you are a widow/widower, bring the death certificate of your husband/wife

Learn more

You can meet representatives of Aarhus Municipality Citizens’ Services to register with the Civil Registration System at the International Citizen Service. It is open on Thursdays from 13.00-17.00 and Fridays from 9.00-13.00.

The International Citizen Service in Aarhus is located at Åboulevarden 31, 1st. floor, 8000 Aarhus C.

Get a Tax Card

If you work in Denmark, you are also liable to pay tax. The authority that issues tax cards and collects tax in Denmark is called SKAT. 

Your tax card states your CPR number or your tax ID number, your address, the percentage of tax that your employer is required to deduct from your salary, your tax allowances and deductions, and the date from which the tax card is valid. The tax card in Denmark is an e-card. This means that once you have registered with SKAT, your employer can access information about your taxation percentage electronically.

How to obtain a Danish tax card?

To obtain a Danish tax card, please either go to International Citizen Service or contact SKAT.

You will need to:

  • Fill out the form 04.063 E
  • Get a declaration or contract of employment from your employer stating your salary and terms of employment
  • Provide your CPR number by bringing your health insurance card. If you have not been issued a CPR number, bring some form of a valid photo-ID, such as your passport
Read more about the tax card here.

Designate a bank account as your NemKonto/Easy account

One of the steps in getting your legal documents in order is to designate a bank account to be your NemKonto (Easy Account).

If you do not have a Danish bank account, and you would like to have one as your Easy Account, you have to open a Danish bank account. To open a Danish bank account, you need a CPR number - see step one.

When you go to the bank bring:

  • Your health insurance card to prove that you have a CPR number
  • Photo ID – for instance your passport
  • Your employment contract or documentation for educational program if you are a student

Inform the bank that you want to designate the account as your Easy Account.


Contact SKAT if you are bringing a foreign-registered vehicle to Denmark

If you bring a foreign-registered vehicle with you when you relocate to Denmark, the fourth step when getting your legal documents in order may be to register the vehicle in Denmark.

To find out which rules apply to you, contact SKAT immediately upon arrival. Telephone: + 45 72 22 27 95.

You will also find detailed information about how to register your vehicle in Denmark in SKAT’s leaflet, “Bringing a Foreign registered vehicle to DK”.

To register the car in Denmark you will need:
  • To give SKAT a vehicle inspection form and a customs inspection form issued by a vehicle inspection authority
  • When you take your car to the inspection station, take your foreign-registration certificate with you, along with the car’s service manual
Read more about whether you can use your foreign driving licence in Denmark here.  


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