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Media license/ DR license

In Denmark anyone who has a television or a computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access has to pay a media license. The media license fee is 1.927 DKK a year(2019).
One media license includes all appliances in the households of married couples, couples living together, and children living at home with their parents.

You can read more about the media license at: You can also register for the media license on the website. However, the registration site is only available in Danish. To register, you can also call DR at +45 70 20 13 13.

Mobile telephone subscriptions

If you want a Danish mobile number, you can either sign up for a subscription or buy a prepaid package with a SIM card. A subscription includes a contract you have to sign and often requires payment of a monthly fee. Depending on the deal, some subscription contracts require you to subscribe for a minimum period - usually six months. Note that in order to subscribe you need to have a Danish CPR number.

Finding the cheapest mobile subscription

Most mobile operators offer a variety of deals, e.g. deals which work out cheapest if you make a lot of international calls, primarily communicate via SMS, make a lot of short calls, or have long conversations, etc. To find the best and cheapest deal, you must know how you will be using your phone.

Prepaid mobile telephone packages

With a prepaid package you pay up front for connection time and can replenish your credit whenever you want to. A prepaid calling service does not require you to sign a long-term contract or pay a monthly subscription fee, although an establishment fee may apply.

Many mobile telephone providers have an online service, where you may replenish your calling credit, using e.g. a Visa or a Dankort. Some companies also sell calling time in stores, kiosks, and at newsagents, as well as in their own company stores. Note that you can only use calling credit from the company, where you are registered as a customer.

How to get a prepaid calling plan

You can get a prepaid calling plan from most mobile telephone companies, and some of the online mobile telephone companies only offer prepaid calling plans. Note that if you do not yet have a CPR number, a prepaid calling package is your only option if you want a Danish mobile phone number; subscription plans require you to have a CPR number.

You can sign up for a prepaid calling plan on the different companies’ websites or at their stores. Sometimes, you can also sign up for a prepaid calling plan by buying a prepaid calling package at a supermarket or some kiosks.

Mobile phone deals

Many companies will offer you a cheaper cash price for a mobile phone if you sign up as a customer and for certain subscriptions. These subscription deals usually bind you for at least six months and require you to pay a monthly subscription. It can be a good idea to ask the company to specify how much you will end up paying for the phone, including the binding subscription fees.

Many of the companies which supply telephone, TV and Internet services offer package deals if you subscribe to all services at their company.

Using your foreign mobile phone in Denmark

In order to use your foreign mobile phone in Denmark with a Danish SIM card, the telephone must not be SIM-locked. The phone must also be compatible with the GSM standard.

Calling to Denmark from a foreign number

When calling from a foreign number to a Danish telephone number, you need to dial area code 0045/+45 in front of the 8-digit Danish number, even when you are in Denmark.

Telephone boxes

Telephone boxes in public places accept coins or calling cards, but they are quite uncommon nowadays.

Calling Cards

Calling cards are available at news agents, kiosks, and post offices.

Finding a Danish telephone number

Local telephone directories are distributed to all households in Denmark. You can also look up telephone numbers on or

Directory enquiries are also accessible by dialing 118, but please note that charges for calling 118 are much higher than normal call rates. 

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