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Private Insurance

Third party/personal liability insurance (ansvarsforsikring)

Third party/personal liability insurance provides cover when the insured incurs legally binding liability for damage to people or property.

Read more about third party/personal liability insurance on page 9 and onwards in the booklet Insurance and pension for everyday needs.

Personal accident insurance (ulykkesforsikring)

This insurance pays a lump sum in the event of personal accident. The compensation paid depends on the degree of disability resulting from the injury. For the insured or his/her surviving relatives to be entitled to compensation, the accident must comply with the insurer’s definition of an accident.

You can read more about personal accident insurance on pages 9-10 in the booklet Insurance and pension for everyday needs.

Home contents insurance (indboforsikring)

This insurance covers content of your home and possessions in the event of damage/loss due to theft, fire, storm, etc. The insurance also comprises liability insurance that covers members of the household in the event of them incurring liability as private individuals. The insurance comprises legal aid insurance which covers the cost in the event of several types of private legal action in which members of the household may become involved. This type of insurance also goes under the names of family insurance, household insurance, and Basic Family Insurance.

It covers, among other things, fire, theft, water damage, liability, and legal aid.

Other types of insurance

Depending upon your personal circumstances, you may want to take out additional insurance to cover:

  • Your means of transport: Car, motorbike, bike, moped, scooter, or boat
  • Any pets you may have
  • Your own house or holiday cottage and your belongings there
  • Your spare time interests and international travel

Unemployment insurance

In Denmark, unemployment insurance is provided by unemployment insurance funds - private associations, associated with trade unions and other professional organizations. To become a member of an unemployment insurance fund, you must be between age 18 and 63 and be a resident in Denmark (or another EU/EEA country and work in Denmark, in which case you must fulfill certain requirements).

Read more here.

Taking out insurance in Denmark

Before you take out insurance in Denmark, we recommend that you contact several insurance companies to find the cover that best suits your needs.

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