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Finding a place to live in Denmark can be difficult, especially in the big cities. It is recommended to start searching 2-3 months before arrival.


Keep in mind that the renting conditions and procedures can be different than the ones in your home country, so it is important that you are prepared when going on a property search. You can access a complete guide to housing in Denmark (by BoligPortal) and a short list of translated to English real estate terms by clicking here

Free websites

At the following websites, individuals and agencies offer rooms and apartments for rent and sale. You can also place your own ad in English. Some of the websites will charge you a fee to access contact details.

  • (most comprehensive, only in Danish) 

    Student housing, flats, shared apartments and rooms for rent. With links to landlords/Real Estate Agents
  • (in English)
    Flats, shared apartments and rooms for rent
  • (partially English)
    Site coordinating communication between tenants, buyers and landlords of private housing
  • (only in Danish)
    All around housing and accomodation
    Students and others looking for roommates
    Lejerbo adminsters apartments across Denmark, including youth housing.
    Student housing, flats, shared apartments and rooms for rent
    The biggest rental site in Denmark
    All around housing and accomodation. Covers Denmark, Norway, and Sweden
    Matching between tenants and landlords


  • Ebay affiliate. List of flats and rooms for rent
  • (in English) Flats, shared apartments, and rooms for rent: subscription fee - 375 kr. for 2 months
  • (in English) Flats, shared apartments, and rooms for rent: subscription fee - 199 kr. for 3 months
  • (in English) Flats, shared apartments, and rooms for rent: subscription fee - 375 kr. for 2 months
  • (in English) Flats, shared apartments, and rooms for rent: subscription fee - 599 kr. for 6 months
  • (in English) Flats, shared apartments, family housing, and rooms for rent: subscription fee - 299 kr. per month
  • (in Danish only) Covers Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg. You pay DDK20 for an appartment ticket. Each appartment has 20 tickets

Student housing links

Rent from outgoing students (short-term rent)

If you are looking for housing for a shorter period (e.g. as an exchange student), one option could be to contact Danish students who will be studying abroad in the same time period that you will be studying in Denmark.

You can use a service such as Housinganywhere connecting ingoing with outgoing exchange students. You could also try asking the individual student houses (listed above) if they could facilitate a shorter sublet.

How to avoid housing-scams when looking for housing:

  1. Beware if a person with a room or flat for rent sends you a text message with no visible phone number. These types of messages are sent though the web and may imply a scam.
  2. Never pay money under the table. It is illegal and you have no legal way of getting your money back.
  3. Never pay the deposit in cash. Instead make a bank transfer so the transaction can be traced.
  4. Never pay the rent or deposit via services where you cannot reverse the transaction, such as Moneybookers Escrow or Western Union.
  5. If you wish to see who owns the property, you can do so at
  6. Make sure that you receive a contract signed by the current tenant or landlord.
  7. Always read the contract carefully and make sure that what you agreed on is confirmed in writing.
  8. When subleasing, make sure that the landlord/owner of the property is informed of the sublease. This will put you in a better position in case of a conflict between the landlord/owner and the person subleasing to you.
  9. Do not sign anything if you do not understand the contract.

Buying property in Denmark as a foreigner

If you are staying in Denmark for a longer period, you may consider buying a property.  The prices vary greatly, especially in relation to location. In some circumstances you must obtain permission to buy a property from the Ministry of Justice. If you are planning on buying property in Denmark, we recommend that you consult a lawyer specializing in property law.
You can also visit a couple of the main property-portals:

Housing benefits

If your residence is rented, you may receive housing benefits from Udbetaling Danmark to pay the rent. Your eligibility depends on a number of conditions, such as your income, number of people in the household, etc. You can read more and apply for housing benefits via 


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