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Visiting Your General Practitioner

In Denmark patients are normally referred to hospitals and specialist treatment by their general practitioner. Exemptions to this rule apply in the event of emergency. It is the general practitioners’ job to ensure that patients get the treatment they need and that they do not receive unnecessary specialist treatment.

Make an appointment

To visit your general practitioner (GP), you need an appointment. If you feel very sick, you are likely to get an appointment on the same day. However, if your visit is not urgent, you may be given an appointment a few days later.

Office hours

Most GPs have surgery/office hours between 08:00 and 16:00 on weekdays. If you require medical attention outside these opening hours, you will have to contact the Emergency medical services.


If you have any questions related to medical or mental health, feel sick, and/or need medical assistance, make an appointment with your GP. Your GP will make sure you get the treatment you need and arrange for your admission to hospital if this is deemed necessary. If your GP considers that you need specialist medical attention, e.g. by a gynaecologist, eye doctor, etc., you will be referred for further examination by a specialist.


Treatment by or referral for further examination by your general practitioner is free of charge. Just remember to have your yellow Health Insurance Card with you. However, a fee will apply if you visit your GP e.g. to obtain a certificate of health, for instance in connection with an application for or renewal of a driving license.

If you have been referred by your GP, specialist treatment is usually free of charge. However, there are cases in which you may be referred to a treatment for which you are required to pay part of the cost.

You pay towards the cost of prescribed medicines, although subsidies apply in many cases.

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