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Health care

If you or your family need any form of medical assistance – either because of a common cold or a more serious illness or accident – it is important, as well as comforting, to know how the system works and who to contact. Below you will find information about a variety of topics, gain insight into how the health care system works in Denmark, and find telephone numbers and other contact details for emergency medical services.

The Public Health care System

In short, the Danish public health care system is financed by taxation, and the scope of its services is comprehensive, encompassing among other things hospital services and visits to a general practitioner.

Choosing your General Practitioner

In Denmark you access the public health system through your general practitioner (GP). You are required to choose a GP located within a 15 kilometers radius of your registered address.

Visiting your general practitioner

In Denmark patients are normally referred to hospitals and specialist treatment by their general practitioner. Exemptions to this rule apply in the event of emergency.

Dental care

Dental care is free of charge for all children under the age 18 resident in Denmark. People over the age of 18 have to pay for dental check-ups and treatment.

Emergency medical services

Your general practitioner (GP) is usually the first person to contact in case of illness. If you need medical treatment outside normal opening hours you must contact the regional emergency doctor service.

The European Health Insurance Card

Citizens of the European Union Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland who travel for more than one month within EU and EEA should have European Health Insurance Card.

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