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Banking and Opening a Bank Account

To receive your salary you will need a bank account. In Denmark everyone has the right to open a basic bank account, however you need a CPR number first.

How to open a bank account

Remember to bring your yellow health insurance card (in Danish: 'sundhedskort'), or your CPR number if you haven't received the health insurance card yet, valid passport, and employment contract (or documents for educational program if you are a student).

You can designate your basic bank account as your Easy Account (NemKonto) for the reception of public-sector payments such as child benefits.

When opening a bank account, tell the bank advisor that you would like to receive information in English, otherwise you will automatically receive information in Danish.

Choosing a bank in Denmark

We have put together a list of banks in alphabetical order and included some of the services they offer. 

Please note that International Community merely seeks to inform about the bank institutions available. We do not recommend or favor one bank institution in particular. Furthermore, note that the information in this document is based on the information given to us by the banks themselves. Therefore, International Community cannot ensure the validity of the information. 
In general, the bank always requires you to bring the yellow health insurance card in order to open an account. However, it can take a few weeks after applying for the health insurance card, until it arrives in your mail box. If you want to open an account before receiving the yellow health insurance card, we advise you to contact the bank and ask for the possibility of opening an account with only your CPR number.

► Click here to see the overview of Danish banks (updated September 2018).

Not all banks offer online banking in English, so we would advise you to enquire whether the bank of your choice offers such service, as it will make daily life much easier.

Remember to ask your advisor about the various fees for the services offered by the bank.

To find the bank with the lowest fees, you can also use The site is in Danish only. On the front page you can click on the family situation applicable to you - single, have a family or are a senior citizen (single or couple). Based upon your family situation and whether you rent (lejer) or own (ejer) your home, and your annual income before tax, the website will compare banks and suggest the cheapest bank that matches your selection.

Credit cards issued by foreign banks

Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in Denmark. American Express and Diners Club are also accepted, but not as often. Make sure to check whether an extra fee will be charged. Supermarkets in particular charge a fee when you pay with a credit card issued by a foreign bank.

ATMs in Denmark

You will find cash machines inside or outside most banks, which allow you to withdraw cash on Visa and MasterCard credit cards. You will get a good rate when withdrawing money directly from a Danish ATM, but keep in mind that your home bank may charge you a fee for international transactions or for using another bank’s ATM – check before you leave as this will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Paying your bills

Most Danish bills have pre-printed payment slips attached. You can pay your bill at your bank, through online banking, or at a post office. Note that post offices and banks charge a service fee of no less than DKK 20 per over-the-counter payment.

A two-digit code on a payment slip indicates the type of payment involved. The two digits are followed by two groups of numbers separated by a ‘+’ sign. These are the giro account number or payment ID and/or a supplier code.

More information about Betalingsservice is available in English on Nets’ website on 

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