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Coming to Denmark

There are a number of issues you need to be aware of when arriving in Denmark.
Use the step guides and find information about CPR, taxes, banking, transportation and much more below.

Step guide

EU/EAA & Swiss citizens

As an EU/EEA citizen you can live, work and study in Denmark due to EU's freedom of movement regulation. However, you must obtain other legal documents.
Step guide

NON-EU/EAA citizens

If you are from a country outside EU/EEA you must apply for, and be issued with, a residence and a work permit to reside and work in Denmark.

Nordic citizens

Nordic citizens who stay in Denmark for more than six months are required to register with the Danish Civil Registration System. 

I wonder why

Here is our list of things you may wonder about as an expat living in Denmark.

CPR Number

You are required to register with the Civil Registration System. Then you will be issued with a CPR number, which gives you access to a range of services.

Tax card

If you move to Denmark you are also liable to obtain a tax card in order to pay tax (SKAT).

Easy Account / NemKonto

The EasyAccount (NemKonto) enables Danish authorities and institutions to transfer money directly to your bank account.


In Denmark everyone has the right to open a basic bank account, however you need a CPR number first.

Job and career

To get you started, we have gathered some useful info about the job search process.


Finding a place to live can be a bit of a hassle, especially in the big cities. It is recommended to start searching as soon as you can.

Internet, TV and mobile

Learn more about the mandatory media licence and mobile phone subscriptions here.


Remember to insure yourself during your stay. Please, be aware that in Denmark, certain types of insurance are compulsory, while others are optional. 

Health care

If you or your family need any form of medical assistance, it is important, as well as comforting, to know how the system works and who to contact.


Learn more about transportation options in Denmark here.

Driving licence

The driving rules vary depending on whether your driving license is issued in EU/EEA, a non-EU/EEA or a Nordic country.

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