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Subhiksha Kalaiarasan 

"Hi! My name is Subhi and I am a 30-year-old from India. In June of 2016, my husband’s job relocated us here to Aarhus. We had lived in India all our lives and saw the move as a new beginning! India is a very fast-paced country and we were excited for the balance that people experience here in Denmark.

When we arrived, my husband had a strong sense for getting our social life right from the start. He really enjoys socialising so we immediately got involved in the community and cultural scene here. Looking back, I think it was very important for me to push myself in this way. I can be a bit introverted but getting out and seeing so many things happening in the city during my first year here, helped me explore the things I enjoy and realise all the hobbies I had forgotten over the years.

Amidst the job search to restart my career, one passion I decided to follow was my love for cooking. Back in India, I would cook for small parties or get-togethers at our home, and thought I would share the diversity of Indian cuisine in Aarhus. A few friends and I tested a pop-up restaurant concept. Once a month, we rented a commercial kitchen to cook Indian food and then brought it to a constantly changing event venue around the city. It was well-received by the people of Aarhus. Now I have a full-time job in my field of data engineering, but I still continue to cater for private parties on some weekends.

It’s been so exciting to create this experience for others and I look forward to continuing this journey. My advice for newcomers to this city is- just get out, be yourself and you’ll meet amazing people here. This city is full of life and opportunity."

Photo by Zane Hartmane.




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