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Lukas Neumann

Hi, my name is Lukas. I’m 28 years old and originally from Germany. The first time I lived in Denmark was while I pursued my Master’s degree in Copenhagen where I met my Danish girlfriend. After I finished my PhD in Australia, and because I had been apart from my partner for almost 2 years, I decided to move back to Denmark to be with her and meanwhile she had found a job in Aarhus. 

Growing up, my parents worked for a German development company within the UN so I’ve lived in different countries for most of my life. But even with those experiences, Aarhus has been the first place I’ve moved without a plan and expectations where I have needed to build new social circles and create my own network. Trying various social activities has helped me but the biggest game changer, for me, has been joining sports clubs. With lots of events and meet-ups, not only have I been able to get to know the Danish culture but I’ve also met locals with whom I share common interests. 

I think the biggest challenge with moving somewhere is overcoming loneliness, so it’s important to find a group one can connect with. My advice to any newcomer in Aarhus is that, even if an opportunity doesn’t seem like your interest, just go show yourself anyway! Join the Viking Club, enjoy the eclectic music scene, buy a bike and just push yourself to get out and go.

(Photo edited by Zane Hartmane)


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