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Juliana Appel

"Oi! My name is Juliana Appel, I am a Brazilian that moved to Aarhus at the beginning of 2017. I was living in Argentina with my husband when we decided that we needed a change, so we started to look into our options. As we had previously lived in Copenhagen and we knew how was the life in Denmark, we chose to move to Aarhus.
The main reasons we decided to return to Denmark were because we think the Danes respect the people that live here. The country does not have too much inequality among its social classes, compared to the countries we come from, and for us that is really important. Therefore, we agreed to start a new life in Denmark.

Since I had a previous experience changing countries, I decided to go out and look for international groups as soon as I arrived. It was a very pleasant surprise to find Spouse Community because it is a great platform to meet people in the same situation as me. So, I was able to start my own network really fast and in an easy way. 

After a couple of months being in Aarhus, I was running my own theatre workshops and recently I finished a play that I started in Brazil, and finally presented it here twice. It has been great to be able to continue with my passion, now as an expat. I am really amazed at all the art activities that take place in Aarhus every day, and that is a really “hyggelig” city.
Every day is a new experience, but it is really comforting to live in a place that you can trust people. For example: when there is no one supervising and you can take the goods and pay by mobile pay. For me, that is incredible because it says a lot about the society that we are living in.

The best advice I can give to newcomers is to go out!! Try different events, don´t stay at home, experience what this wonderful city offers, and attend some of Spouse Community events. Because for sure you will meet wonderful people that will support you to settle in your new life."

Photo by Zane Hartmane

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