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Anu Hesenius

Hello! My name is Anu, I am 45-year-old and I come from Finland. Aarhus was my second home for many years, but in November 2016, it became my permanent home. I moved to Aarhus, like many of us, for love. My boyfriend, who I met in Finland, is Danish, so we decided to live in this beautiful city.
In my way to settle in Denmark, I started applying for jobs, hoping in getting one soon, but unfortunately it didn’t happen as fast as I wished, so I began to learn Danish at Lærdansk hoping that this would help me to get a job sooner, but instead it really kicked off my social life. It was a great experience to meet people from different parts of the world with so many backgrounds. I also enrolled for a course related to one of my passions, jewelry making at FOF. So, among language classes, hobbies and sports, I found my way to settle in Aarhus.
Now I’ve finally got a job in a great company, doing what I love. I keep having wonderful friends and of course, I still enjoying the jewelry making. I have a tip for the newcomers, be patient in the beginning it can be hard, but life becomes great, Aarhus is a wonderful city with many possibilities to explore.
Photo Credit: Zane Hartmane 


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