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Subhiksha Kalaiarasan 
Board Member


I am from India and I moved to Aarhus, Denmark in June 2016 with my husband. I am a Software Engineer specializing in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. I love reading books, painting and cooking. Life in Denmark has been amazing as my husband and I have transcended into a relaxed and mindful lifestyle. During my time here, I have acquainted myself to Europe, the Danish weather, Danish language, Scandinavian culture and hygge if I may say so!

These experiences were mostly refreshing but intimidating at a few occasions; which is why I believe the Spouse Community Aarhus would be a warm welcome and strong foothold for any new spouse in Aarhus. I am happy to be part of the Spouse Community Aarhus as I contribute with IT support and communications and help build a support system for spouses. Together, we shall guide and inspire each other to establish and settle in Denmark.




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