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Mentoring program

The mentoring program is on a hold at the moment.

Erhverv Aarhus and International Community regularly offer a mentoring program primarily aimed at job seeking partners of expats in addition to repats.

International Community is responsible for the matching process where mentees are matched with business professionals from the greater Aarhus area, who have several years of experience from the Danish job market and with Danish work culture.

Matches are established based on the mentee's motivated application and CV.

The mentors are found through Erhverv Aarhus' network of companies and partners. Their participation is voluntary and we are excited to experience the willingness and interest in participating in our mentoring program.

- Please note that the goal is to get you closer to the Danish job market and that you are not guaranteed a job within the course of the programme.

The program focuses on both cultural and professional perspectives:

  • The mentee's job searching skills
  • Introduction to norms and expectations in a Danish work place
  • A clearer view of the mentee's career goals and options
  • Increased focus, enthusiasm and motivation
  • Networking 
The mentee has to meet the following criteria:
  • Be an accompanying partner to an expat in the greater Aarhus area or a repat
  • Must have graduated
  • Be unemployed and actively looking for a job
  • Be located in the greater Aarhus area for at least another year 
  • Send a motivated application and CV

If you wish to get more information on being a mentee or mentor, please follow the links.

To apply to become a mentee fill out the application form and send your CV to Due to limited spots, International Community reserves the right to select between the applicants.

If you wish to become a mentor please email International Community at There is no deadline as the matches are made continously.

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