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Did you know that… — Lidja

As a tradition, Danes have a larger birthday celebration every tenth year (20, 30, 40 and so on). Other large celebrations are confirmations, their 25th birthday, weddings and of course baptism.

If you are invited to a large formal party, you cannot expect to be seated together with your partner. The host will sometimes make a specific plan for where everyone are to be seated – while trying to ensure that you are seated with someone you can talk with. This is good for expanding your network and getting to know somebody new. But sometimes it can ruin the whole party if you are seated next to someone who does not match up with either interests or personality - as it is considered rude to break the seating arrangement.

As a custom, some parties often take 3-5 hours of sitting at the table. There are speeches, praises and people will share their funny experiences of the ones who are celebrated. From my perspective it is good because the ones celebrated will hear it while they are around. In other countries, like where I came from, these speeches will be held the last night before the funeral as a eulogy.

Another custom at celebrations like birthdays, weddings or confirmation is the use of a wish list. Days before a party or ceremony there is often a wish list given to the ones invited. The ones celebrated writes, what he or she wishes for as a gift for the occasion.

In other countries attendees like to surprise the ones celebrated with their gifts not using a list. This sometimes results in the gift not being used, and for me the Danish custom has turned out to be a very practical one: the gifts on the gift wish-list are used more.

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