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The Constitutional Act of Denmark

Do you want to know more about The Constitutional Act of Denmark? Then Join Folkeuniversitetet in Aarhus for a lecture on 4 June.

Denmark has a written constitution, which forms the basis for the political system. Often democracy and the constitution are treated as very much the same thing, but this is a mistake. The word ‘democracy’ is not even mentioned in the constitutional text. In this lecture the background, development and current significance of the Danish constitution is explained.

The main thesis is that the first constitution of 1849 was a mixed constitution with monarchist, aristocratic and democratic elements, and that the subsequent development has involved an abolishment and reduction of the monarchist and aristocratic elements and a strengthening of the democratic elements – however not without setbacks and unsolved challenges.

AU, bygning 1530, lokale D113
Ny Munkegade 118
8000 Aarhus
Time: 19.30-21.15

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