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Shortage of self-isolation

The Danish Ministry of Health has announced new rules for when you can stop your self-isolation. 

As of January 24th, the Danish Health Autorities has announced new rules for isolation. There is currently a very extensive community infection, and with the previous recommendations we have had, a large number of people had to go into self-isolation for extended periods, making it difficult to maintain essential societal functions. At the same time, we are in a new situation where there is no longer a clear connection between the number of infected and the number of inpatients with severe covid-19 disease. This is probably due to both the high population immunity and the reduced ability of the omicron variant to cause disease. 

New rules: 

  • Now, you can interrupt self-isolation earlier. This means that you can end your self-isolation when you no longer have symptoms. If you have a positive test, but no symptoms or mild symptoms, your self-isolation is reduced to four days.  

Read more here.

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