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Update on Corona restrictions

As of February 1st, COVID-19 is no longer categorised as a disease presenting a critical threat to society. This means that the current restrictions will no longer apply, thus, meaning the end of facemasks and corona pas. 


It is in the light of recent developments in the epidemic, where there has been a decoupling of infection rates and hospitalization rates, that the government has asked the Epidemic Commission for a recommendation on whether covid-19 should continue to be categorized as a socially critical disease and whether there was a need for the continuation of the applicable restrictions. 


Continued need for infection prevention measures and close monitoring 

Although the current restrictions expire, the Epidemic Commission's recommendation emphasizes that due to the very high infection rates, there is still a need for infection prevention measures and recommendations. Especially in relation to the vulnerable and elderly. 


Read more about it (in Danish) here.

Your Danish Life has summed the news up (In English) here.


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