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Update on Corona restrictions

Phasing out restrictions 

The Epidemic Committee has agreed with the Government's submissions to phase out several restrictions - especially in the field of culture. This means that i.a. cinemas, theaters, zoos, aquariums, folk high schools, day colleges, museums, concerts with seated audiences and spectators to sports and much more can open from and including Sunday 16 January. There will still be demands for coronapas and face masks in several places, and in a number of areas there will also be audience restrictions. All other restrictions are maintained until 31 January but will be reviewed during the next 2 weeks.


The validity of the corona passport is shortened 

  • From Sunday, the corona passport will only be valid for five months after the second vaccine booster. This means that after the five months you must be tested or have a third booster to get a valid corona passport. 
  • The easing of restrictions is due to the control which the authorities have with the epidemic, the high rate of vaccination - also of the third booster, and the fact that Omicron is less serious than the previous dominant variant the Delta. 


Fourth vaccination for vulnerable 

Although Omicron causes less disease, it is still highly contagious and is not harmless. A fourth vaccine booster will therefore be offered to particularly vulnerable groups. This week and the start of next, the fourth booster will be rolled out to a focused group of those at greatest risk such as cancer patients and immunocompromised patients. 


Testing is crucial 

The Minister of Health states, that there is need for people to get tested, when the cultural life opens again. It is crucial that we can keep control of the infection. Testing helps protect the vulnerable and the elderly. 


Read more about it (in Danish) here.

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