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Update on Corona restrictions and vaccination

New restrictions as of December 10. 

  • Children in primary school will be sent home for virtual teaching from wednesday December 15, 2021. Though care for those in need (nødpasning) will be available for some. 
  • Restaurants, cafees and bars are to close at midnight. Futhermore, face masks are mandatory when moving around these places. 
  • No alcohol sales after midnight until 5am 
  • Disco’s, nightclubs and bars with primarily dancing areas closed 
  • A maximum of 50 standing guests at concerts and other cultural events 
  • Validity of corona pass after two shots are reduced to 7 months.  

The Danish Health Authorities strongly recommend private and public businesses and institutions to cancel Christmas lunches and other events with many participants. They recommend that meetings are held online and to work at home as much as possible.  

Find an overview of all the new restrictions here.

News on vaccinations 

The Danish Health Authority recommends a 3rd dose for people above 40 years 4½ months after 2nd dose. The vaccines against COVID-19 are effective in preventing infection, serious illness and hospitalization. The protective effect decreases over time in many people – especially after 4-6 months. Read more here.

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