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Update on Corona restrictions

Due to a worrying increase in Corona spread new restrictions are introduced as of Monday 29 November:  

  • Face Mask: You need to wear a face mask or shield on public transport, in shops, supermarkets, hospitals and other medical services and at care homes. 
  • Coronapass: You need to show a valid coronapass at higher education, adult education as well as language centers. In addition, valid coronapass are also required in liberal service professions such as tattooists and hairdressers, while visitors in geriatric care and on social services must also include it. If you are going to a concert or similar, you must also get used to the fact that corona passes are required in places where there are 100 people or more gathered indoors and 1,000 outside. 
    • In addition, according to a new law was passed allowing companies to require their employees to show a valid coronapass at work.  
  • A shorter duration for tests: A valid PCR test will only be valid for 72 hours, while a quick test will be valid for 48 hours. 

Restrictions can change quickly, so remember to be attentive on travel restrictions if you have any plans of travelling through the Christmas holiday. This concerns not only leaving the country, but especially also for restriction about coming back to Denmark. 

There is still a lot you can do to avoid infection. You can find the Danish Health Authority’s general guidance to good corona habits here.

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